The problem
The problem was that the site had a high user abandonment rate on its website (78% of new users left the site after 5 seconds) so the idea was to redesign the site based on content.
The JCK Online Paywall is likely a customizable and flexible solution that can be adapted to the specific needs of the JCK website and its users. The project may also include features such as user account management, payment processing, and analytics to track subscription activity.
Overall, the JCK Online Paywall project is aimed at providing a secure and convenient way for users to access premium content and services on the JCK website, while also generating revenue for the company.
I performed a competitive analysis, facilitated a working session with their customers to uncover their true pain points and goals, and designed personas to tell their stories more effectively. These persons were built with real data. some goals were:
Stay up to date with the latest fashion and jewelry trends
Find unique and affordable jewelry pieces to add to her collection
Connect with other fashion enthusiasts and share her own insights and recommendations
Provide high-quality, exclusive content: The content behind the paywall should be of high quality and provide real value to the user. This can include in-depth reporting, analysis, and insights that can’t be found elsewhere.
Offer a seamless payment experience: The payment process should be easy and intuitive, with clear pricing information and transparent billing practices. Users should feel confident that they’re getting a fair value for their money.
The design was created using data in content containers that would work for each section of the site, and we also incorporated some of the year’s most important events into the design to improve the SEO of the site, as individual event sites rank higher than the main JCK site.
Desktop Design
Paywall System 

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