StrongLink is an intelligent data management platform designed to help organizations manage their data across different storage silos, offering features like:
-Single view of all data:
 View and manage all your data across on-premises and cloud storage in a single unified interface.
-Autonomous data movement: 
Automate data movement based on policies, ensuring your data is stored in the most cost-effective and efficient location.
-Scalability and flexibility: 
Start small and scale out as needed, supporting data volumes from terabytes to exabytes.
-Security and compliance: 
StrongLink encrypts your data at rest and in transit and helps you comply with data privacy regulations.
My role
While working at Gorilla Logic, I served as a UX/UI designer on the project. My tasks were assigned by the project manager, who also handled client relations.
 UX Design Problems of the Notification Center 
The client's goal is to enhance the overall user experience by providing timely and relevant notifications to IT about their storage activities, system updates, and other important information.
Information Overload:
Challenge: Providing timely notifications without overwhelming users with too much information.
Solution: Implement a thoughtful categorization system and allow users to customize their notification preferences to receive only the most relevant updates.
Cross-Platform Consistency:
Challenge: Ensuring a consistent user experience across various devices and platforms.
Solution: Design a responsive system that adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions, and conduct thorough testing on multiple devices to identify and address any inconsistencies.
User Privacy Concerns:
Challenge: Gaining user trust and compliance with data protection regulations.
Solution: Clearly communicate the purpose of notifications and how user data is handled. Allow users to easily manage their privacy settings and opt-out of certain notifications if desired.

Project Results
Results Achieved:
Improved User Engagement: By providing relevant and customizable notifications, user engagement with the Notification Center increased significantly.
Enhanced User Satisfaction: Users appreciated the tailored notification experience and the transparent approach to handling their data privacy concerns, leading to higher satisfaction levels.
Increased Trust and Compliance: Clear communication and user-friendly privacy settings fostered trust among users and ensured compliance with data protection regulations.

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